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Recognizing all dimensions of human differences. In the broadest sense, diversity refers to the inclusion of all historically marginalized people regardless of racial and ethnic background, disability, gender and gender identity, sexuality, nationality, religious beliefs, age, and socioeconomic status among others.


Guaranteeing identical distribution of resources regardless of the above-mentioned differences. Equality focuses on perceived fairness and is different from equity.


Recognizes that all people do not start from the same place and focuses on adjusting imbalances, giving each person what they need to succeed. Imbalances focus on access, opportunity, and support.


The practice of creating spaces, in and outside an organization, that celebrate and recognize the value of diversity. Of great importance is including people who have historically been excluded at all levels of the organization (representation) and ensuring that everyone can achieve their full potential regardless of difference.


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Overarching DEI Goal

Areas of Focus



To become a premier, culturally competent, educational institution and residential provider of choice for partners, students, job candidates, and staff who value diversity, equity and inclusion.

Areas of Focus:
To enact measurable change over time, our work in DEI will focus on growing the areas of strength and improving in the areas of deficit identified in our needs assessment and the DEI strategic process.


DEI Strategies and Objectives


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Actions List/Progress

                                           Assemblywoman Gina Sillitti decorates a holiday cookie with BCCS students

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