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Below, you will find an initial list of actions we will pursue to implement the DEI strategies and objectives outlined in the Strategic Framework. The actions are organized under BCCS’s three main DEI strategies. Several actions relate to more than one of the three strategies. We indicate these instances. All items are coded by the timeframe anticipated as defined above. You will additionally see completed items identified in this document.

People: Strategy 1 Actions

Attract, retain, and develop a diverse workforce and student population at all levels so that BCCS reflects the populations in which we operate.

2023 – Ongoing 1.1.1 Annually assess the diversity of the Board of Directors and develop and pursue diversity recruitment goals, as needed, to compose a board that can lead BCCS in meeting the needs of a diverse I/DD community
2023 – Q3 1.1.2 Strengthen diversity recruiting strategies to attract a diverse applicant pool
By end of 2023 1.1.3 Incorporate cultural competencies into all job descriptions to attract and identify individuals with the commitment and skills to enhance BCCS’s organizational capabilities and promote service excellence.
2024 -Q1 1.1.4 Improve our branding, being sure to highlight the diversity that exists in the various programs as well as our commitment to diversity initiatives
2023 – ongoing 1.2.1  Assess job satisfaction of current employees across varying positions, age, tenure, race/ethnicity, etc.
2023 – Q3 1.2.2 Implement DEI training for the Board.
2023 Q3 1.2.3 Determine causes of BIPOC and minoritized employee turnover in order to improve employee retention and engagement
2023 Q2 1.2.4 Form a diversity committee of the Board to support the Board’s commitment to DEI policy and action through advisement and monitoring.
2023-ongoing 1.3.1 Provide a variety of opportunities for ongoing professional development to minoritized constituents
2023 Q2-2024 1.3.2 Highlight the career ladders and supports available towards achieving career goals for minoritized constituents
2023 – ongoing 1.3.3 Establish formalized career goals for interested BIPOC employees and review progress annually


Culture: Strategy 2 Actions

Transform BCCS culture so that staff members, students, and parents, particularly those who are absent, marginalized, and underrepresented, will experience BCCS as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

2023 Q1 2.1.1 Survey staff to determine ethnic backgrounds to determine what is important to employees, dates, celebrations and help us determine recognize ethnicity and culture.  how to celebrate or include their celebrations (email, etc.) (Value)
202 – Q3 2.1.2 Create an education and learning strategy that supports staff learning about DEI, the history and legacy of structural inequity and racism, how to have meaningful dialogue on diversity and isms, and skills to engage in effective outreach with diverse communities.
2023 Q4 2.1.3 Build a communication strategy that indicates how DEI message can be shared with the staff, partners, people with I/DD and their families, and the broader community, using media and publications serving diverse communities.
2023 – ongoing 2.2.1 Infuse relevant culture info/highlight different cultures into current staff appreciation events (Value)
End of 2023 2.2.2 Create a diversity advisory committee comprised of staff, management, partners, and families to monitor progress toward the organization’s diversity goals.


2.2.3 Foster ownership for DEI work by creating Employee Resource Groups to create a conduit for information flow between employees and management and build commitment to creating organizational change.
2024 – Q1 2.2.4 Create accountability measures to ensure leadership and staff are empowered and own their responsibility to advance DEI goals and values.
2023 Q4 – 2024 Q1+2 2.3.1 Create a comprehensive training program that addresses what people need to learn, how they learn best, and reflects the nature of the work they do in the organization; strategy should utilize various training mechanisms. (Support)
2024 – ongoing 2.3.2 Ensure the recognition and appreciation program is equitably applied and that ALL employees are positioned for success; recognize and encourage newer talent (Rookie of the year) (Value)
2023 – ongoing 2.3.3 Conduct inter-active activities such as food, arts & crafts, dress, reading time with our students (Value)
2024 – ongoing 2.3.4 Partner with local education institutions to offer language courses for staff including ESL courses to build cultural and linguistic competence (Foster)
2023 – ongoing 2.3.5 Conduct regular assessments to determine where additional supports are needed (Foster)


Programs: Strategy 3 Actions

Expand culturally competent programs and services, highlighting BCCS’s DEI commitment with an external focus on students, families and partners.

2023 – Q1 3.1.1 Deploy outreach strategies that identify local/national organizations that represent and serve diverse communities to create partnerships that the organization can build on.
2023 – Q3 3.1.2 Ensure BCCS employees are representative of the community & people we serve
2023 – Q2 3.1.3 Evaluate current culture that may create barriers to retaining a diverse partnership pool
2024 – Q1 3.1.4 Establish criteria that can be used to select and nurture mutually beneficial and reciprocal external partnerships that reinforce and fulfill BCCS’s commitment to its DEI principles and goals.


By end of 2023 3.2.1 Identify local DEI Groups as potential resources and partnerships
2023 – Q4 – ongoing 3.2.3 Create DEI Partnership with diverse parent groups
By end of 2023 -ongoing 3.2.4 Connect with community leaders
2023 – Q2 3.3.1 Identify 3 local diverse/minority & disability owned local businesses & products
By end of 2023 3.3.2 Create and Develop DEI process for supplier selection
By end of 2024 3.3.3 purchase 10% of products from diverse and minority owned businesses
2023 Q3 3.3.4 Identify and build on any current relationships with diverse and minority owned suppliers


Action Plan Overview

The Action Plan outlines the activities that support the strategies and objectives set in the Strategic Framework. These actions were developed based on the recommendations of the DEI Strategy Committee and our Diversity Consultant. The final actions represent the priorities based on input by the Diversity Steering Committee, various staff members and teams.

Listing intended actions is only the first step in achieving our DEI goals. To ensure true success, our planned actions will need:

  1. A Realistic and Shared Timeline
  2. Objective Measures of Progress and Success
  3. Appropriate Resources and Governance
  4. Access & Accessibility to Information & Technology
  5. Shared Accountability and Measurement

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