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DSP Week Profile: Prince Porter Brings “Can Do” Attitude to Children’s Residential Program

Prince Porter connects with the boys of the Children's Residential ProgramFor DSP of the Year Prince Porter, the best part of his job is seeing the joy of accomplishment, when one of the boys he supports learns something new.

“Each boy is different,” said Prince. “You can see the happiness in their expression, their tone or how they move their bodies, once you get to know them.”

From bike rides on Lido Beach to preparing for bedtime, Prince spends afternoons and evenings supporting the young men of the BCCS Children’s Residential Program.

Prince has worked with children for a number of years, beginning his career at New York Junior Tennis and Learning (NYJTL), supporting the league’s afterschool program.

“It’s not a big change from NYJTL,” said Prince. “All kids like to do the same things.”

Patience and active listening are two qualities Prince attributes to his success building strong relationships with the boys he supports.

It’s also what has helped newer DSPs, like Iris Vargas, learn on the job.

“Prince is a great inspiration,” said Iris, a former fashion designer. “Prince taught me how the house functions and I learned a lot from seeing his methods of supporting the kids.”

When working with the children, Prince seeks to understand what they want to achieve.

“My dad worked for the state in disability and he’d take me with him on his job,” said Prince. “He’d tell me, ‘We’re here to help.’. . . It’s about learning different ways to help.”

His positivity and ability to create meaningful outcomes made Prince a standout in the Children’s Residential Program and a strong DSP of the Year.

House Manager Alister Guillame explains, “The thing we really like about Prince is his mentality. There is no obstacle that he feels that we cannot overcome together as he always sees the glass half full. Congratulations to Prince on this well-deserved recognition.”


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