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Sibshops Conference Held at Brookville Center

Children play game at Sibshop ConferenceSiblings can be the first friends and systems of support for children with developmental disabilities.

Understanding this important, lifelong relationship, Brookville Center hosted on Nov. 22-23 the award-winning program, Sibshops – The Sibling Support Project. Led by Emily Holl, this conference provided clinicians, educators, social workers and system partners with kid-friendly programs focused on building greater compassion, advocacy, insight and tolerance among siblings.

The conference demonstrated how to develop these qualities through recreation and peer support. One session hosted 10 siblings (ages 7-12) of children with developmental disabilities, where skills were taught through games and discussion activities.

The conference also featured a panel from the AHRC Adult Sibling Group, including AHRC Nassau President Paul Giordano, Jonas Kaplan, Mary Mendes, Ali Carbone and Ariam Alula, as well as an overview of how to operate a Sibshop program in attendees’ local communities.



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