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The Autism Program is located on the Brookville campus and is dedicated to providing children with autism an individualized education that takes into account each child’s strengths, as well as specific deficits, and teaches the them the skills they need to increase their ability to communicate and function independently.

The program is committed to systematic use of Applied Behavioral Analysis as the most effective methodology of teaching children with autism. Classrooms maintain a high 6:1:3.5 staff to student ratio in order to provide intensive and consistent teaching throughout the school day, with the goal of increasing one-to-one instruction each day. An interdisciplinary staff of dedicated professional works to ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential.

The program offers all student adaptive physical education, music therapy, and art therapy. Transition programming to adult services is available to all adolescent students. Prevocational training is offered at community based sites and within the community.

Students may receive an array of services as mandated by their Individual Education Program. Click here to see a complete list.