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Psychology/Family Services

The psychology staff includes two doctoral level psychologists with a specialty in neuropsychology and clinical psychology and two certified school psychologists. Psychologists provided neuropsychologically based information to the teacher, therapists and parents to facilitate children’s learning. Psychologists also provide behavioral consultation to teachers, therapists and parents, therapists, as well as provide counseling and parent training services.

Masters level certified Social Workers provide a variety of services for families.
Social Workers hold parent support groups and provide counseling/training according to I.E.P. mandates. They are available as a resource to help parents access community services and support.

Speech/Language Therapy

All Speech/Language Therapists at the Barbara C. Wilson Preschool Program are certified through the American Speech and Hearing Association, hold NYS License as a speech pathologist and are NYS certified as Teachers of the Speech and hearing Handicapped. In addition, all therapists have completed level 2 PROMPT or are PROMPT certified.

Speech and Language Services address the areas of receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language in addition to oro-motor and sound production abilities. Goals and objectives are designed to help students develop spontaneous, functional communication skills that will enable them to develop competent social skills and provide for academic success in a variety of environments. Environmental supports and adaptations are provided to accommodate each child’s needs in the therapy room, the classroom and the home in order optimize their performance. Data on specific therapeutic objectives is maintained to record progress and determine the effectiveness of the therapeutic program.

Strategies include the use visual systems, listening and augmentative communication devices, and specific therapeutic techniques including PROMPT therapy, Pivotal Response Therapy, and Social-Interaction Intervention. Therapy services are provided according to IEP mandates individually and in small groups within naturally occurring environments whenever possible.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

All Occupational and Physical Therapists at the Barbara C. Wilson Program hold degrees from accredited programs and hold NYS licensure.

Occupational and Physical therapy is provided through a Push-in/Pull-out model within the classroom, playground, motor class, in the OT/PT gym or in one of two soft motor rooms.

Therapists provide services to assist children in attaining their educational goals. The therapists are a part of the team and work collaboratively with teachers to implement appropriate services, which augment the educational program.

In the school setting both the Occupational and Physical therapist assist children in achieving skills to function within a classroom setting using various games, equipment, neurodevelopment, sensory and motor learning techniques to achieve IEP goals .

Both the Physical and Occupational therapist work within the school setting to improve fine motor and gross motor skills in order to independently function and participate in classroom activities and achieve IEP goals.

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