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Music Sing-a-longs with Genine Wightman
Music Sing-a-longs with Genine Wightman
Virtual Connect Activities with Giving Tree Family

Technology Requirements:  Join us using  with a laptop, tablet or phone that is connected to the internet.  Adult supervision required.

CLICK HERE for How to Set up Zoom Instructions

Questions?  Contact Natesha Bull-Ofoegbu

Music Sing-a-longs (Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-11:30am)

Volunteer:  Genine Wightman

Song requests are welcome during session.
*To participate:
Zoom Meeting ID # 716 5696 8504
Password:  5wTrng

Virtual Connect Activities (Saturdays 1-1:30pm)

Volunteer:  Giving Tree Family
Giving Tree Family will be doing a variety of activities including sing-a-longs, dance, arts & crafts, and games
*To participate:
Zoom Meeting ID # 466-077-8774
Password:  271220

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