Caregiver Tamia Scott Lives Her Passion

Tamia Scott, Caregiver for Children with Autism/Developmental Disabilities, works 80-hr weeks; “I’m not here for the pay but for the people I support.” Tamia Scott has been a Direct Support Professional (DSP) with the Brookville Center Children’s Residential Program (CRP) since … Continued

BCCS DSP Week 2023

Our Direct Support Professionals make everything possible. They are part of the fabric that makes each person supported able to dream their own dreams and achieve success in ways big and small. For DSP week in September, you joined us … Continued

Meet Marjorie Guerrier, Medical DSP

Marjorie Guerrier has been a Direct Support Professional (DSP) with the Children’s Residential Program (CRP) since 2017 and transitioned to a Medical DSP role in 2019. She works at the Wantagh residence, aptly called “the girl’s house,” that six young … Continued

Video Diary: Just Balance Visits Saturday Respite

Brookville Center offers weekend respite programs and a vacation/recreation respite during the months of December, April and August. See how children recently enjoyed accessible tricycles, balance beams, trampolines, and more in this video featuring the fun and inspiring activities brought … Continued

A Spelling T-R-A-D-I-T-I-O-N at The Education Center

The idea to host a spelling bee came to BCCS Education Center Program Supervisor Sherry Black during an annual review meeting, where teachers and administrators discussed their students’ progress. For years, she’d known of her students’ skills and had been … Continued

Water Play Days at Post Avenue School

Summer classes are in full swing across BCCS campuses. The schools’ summer sessions began July 3 and run until August 11. The six-week session is filled with learning, incorporating a wide range of fun and healthy recreational activities. Summer programming … Continued

BCCS Graduates 2023

It’s graduation season at BCCS. Across the campuses, students have been participating in graduation ceremonies surrounded by friends and family. We’d like to recognize all our amazing 2023 graduates. It’s been an incredible journey and we are so proud to … Continued

Learning Through Play with Drummer Chris Marshak

“That was perfect,” a student called out after special musical guest, drummer, and percussionist, Chris Marshak, completed his lesson. The Marcus Avenue Parents’ Association arranged for Chris to conduct 20-minute sessions for students, where they could engage in drum-based activities … Continued