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Learning daily living skills.

Transitioning into adult services can be a challenging time for any family, but particularly for families of children with special needs, as the future plans of their child/children aren’t always certain. At Brookville Center, we recognize how important transition programming is to increasing independence and preparing your child for their future.

In planning the transition to adult services, the first step is assisting your child with supportive decision making and encouraging them to be as independent as possible. It is essential to note that it is never too early to start investigating the possibilities.

Transition programming to adult services is available to all adolescent students. We also offer pre-vocational training at community based sites and within the community. Transition services include a coordinated set of activities designed within an outcome orientated process that promotes movement from school to post school activities.

Activities are based on the individual students needs, taking into account the student’s abilities, preferences and interests. These activities can include areas of instruction, community experience, development of post-school adult living objectives and if appropriate, acquisition of daily livening skills and functional vocational evaluation.

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