Originally “The Leeds Center” in Manhasset, the Post Avenue location serves children ages 8 weeks to 5 years of age, with and without developmental disabilities. It is open to the community and also has financial scholarships available to families who qualify.

We currently have 1 infant room (with a 4:1 ratio), 1 toddler room (with a 5:1 ratio), 4 preschool integrated classrooms and 2 preschool special classes. The preschool integrated classrooms have a 15:1:2 ratio [15 students (8 children without developmental delays and 7 children with developmental delays), 1 Special Education Teacher, and 2 teacher assistants]. The preschool special education classes have a ratio of 8:1:2 or 10:1:2 (8 or 10 students with developmental delays, 1 Special Education Teacher and 2 teaching assistants). Teachers are Master’s Level and the teacher assistants also have teaching assistant certificates. In addition to the classroom staff, each class is supported by therapy staff. Therapeutic services provided include: Speech and Language, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, play therapy and parent support group.

We provide a high quality early childhood program following an educational, language rich, play-based preschool curriculum provided in a warm, friendly, home-like atmosphere. We follow all NYSED guidelines and NYOCFS regulations. Our program implemented the Creative Curriculum as the framework for all of our classrooms throughout the program. The Handwriting without Tears is the writing program utilized. Additionally, the Bucket Filler Philosophy is used in all programs. Students participate in a kindness and caring philosophy known as “Bucket Filling.” We have a wonderful outside playground with physical education equipment for play and exercise. In addition, there is a beautiful grass courtyard for running, playing ball, games, picnics, sand/water play, exploring nature and extra-curricula activities. We have recently started a new gardening program and outdoor classroom concept. The Center also provides music once a week to all of the children. The music therapist provides lively, fun and interactive, age appropriate, hands on music sessions. The Center also includes safety and security measures such as security key entryways to doors and classroom, a Registered Nurse, MAT, CPR and First Aid trained staff. Smart Boards are available in all Preschool Classrooms.

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