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Caregiver Tamia Scott Lives Her Passion

Tamia Scott, Caregiver for Children with Autism/Developmental Disabilities, works 80-hr weeks; “I’m not here for the pay but for the people I support.”

Tamia Scott has been a Direct Support Professional (DSP) with the Brookville Center Children’s Residential Program (CRP) since May 2022.DSP Tamia Scott poses for a photo

She’s a passionate care worker who gained experience working with adults with autism at other care agencies.

She’s dabbled in several different roles, from being a gymnastics coach to working as a teacher’s assistant, but I/DD care services for older adults and children was where she felt at home.

One of her first jobs was working in a residential home and it was there that she saw the immense need for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and made a commitment to pursuing a career in the field.

“Since working at a residential home, even though everyone wasn’t on the spectrum, there were a few that were. They really opened my eyes to wanting to work with everyone on the spectrum,” shared Tamia.

Working with children in the CRP is a unique experience, different that her previous work with adults. For Tamia, no matter the age of the people she supports, she believes everyone has something to teach her.

As a student living on Long Island, Tamia has two full-time positions to cover her expenses.  She loves every minute of her work but wishes that New York State funded the position more appropriately, noting that a wage of $20-25 would go a long way.

“As a DSP, there’s a lot we must deal with. It can be mentally and emotionally draining. We have to ensure the health and safety of the individuals that we support; be advocates for them in every circumstance. . . making it comfortable for them, making sure that they know, ‘We’re there for you,’” shared Tamia.

She supports legislation calling to “Recognize the Role of DSPs” because it would help people understand what DSPs do and help them get the financial support they need.

“It’s about being a voice for DSPs and for people to understand what it means to be a Direct Support Professional because, I feel, the children are very misunderstood so if the individuals that we support and care for are misunderstood than how can someone understand the role that we do,” added Tamia.

To support the exceptional work of hard-working professionals like Tamia, be sure to contact your local legislators to show your support for a Direct Support Professional Wage Enhancement and the Recognizing the Role of Direct Support Professionals Act.

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