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Marcus Avenue Student Makes Great Progress with Dance / Movement Therapist

Marcus Avenue Student Skylar dances with Movement Therapist Danielle WoodBrookville Center has a robust roster of clinical coordinators to meet the needs of students in all our schools.

Marcus Avenue Preschool, however, has an extra offering for their students—Gym, with Dance/Movement Therapist Danielle Wood. She has been a part of the Marcus Avenue team for seven years and loves getting students comfortable and in tune with their bodies with movement modalities.

One such student is Skylar, 5, who is expected to graduate this year after two years at Marcus. When Skylar first started at Marcus, she was shy, reserved, and uncomfortable making eye contact. Danielle noticed this and found that she loved to move and dance. She used this to connect with her.

“From the beginning, she wouldn’t even respond to her name. So when we work, I do a lot of calling across the room, to see if I can get her attention from different areas. We also work on moving, eye contact, and socialization with others,” said Danielle.

“We’ve always connected through music and that’s how I created that bond with her, she’s come so far and I’m so proud of her.”

Danielle works with Skylar’s class three times a week, and Skylar has made noteworthy progress. The once-shy girl has come out of her shell. She is sociable, happy, and always smiling.

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