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Post Avenue Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

A student poses in front of a Cinco de Mayo posterIn Miss Connie’s class earlier this May, the entire class gathered and celebrated Cinco de Mayo, a day recognizing Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Connie Neylon, Special Education Teacher at Brookville Center Post Avenue, along with Teacher’s Assistants Brittney Williams and Nicole Foschino, prepared an activity-filled week for the class.

Students completed several Mexican-themed craft projects, including a Cinco De Mayo poster and colorful construction paper tacos.

Clark was so excited to help Miss Brittney create the little batches of paper lettuce, tomato, and cheese pieces for the “tacos.” “It’s for Cinco de Mayo,” said Clark Minardi happily between snips.

They even had a musical parade where students sang and danced while playing with maracas, rattling little gourds along to Latin music.

They continued their fiesta with a parade and dance party before settling in to enjoy chips and salsa.

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