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Post Avenue Students Celebrate Fall With Multi-Sensory Learning Activities

The fall season brings about a new year for the children at BCCS Post Avenue School. Being in preschool, many are just starting to take notice of the changes happening around them.

For this reason, Preschool Teacher Concepta “Connie” Neylon-Lorick organized several activities to show her students how to celebrate fall, learn about the changes in nature and explore new foods.

Post Avenue teacher Teacher Concepta “Connie” Neylon-Lorick shows students how to celebrate fall

They started the school year reading from many fall-themed books including “Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf,” “Fall Leaves Fall,” and “When the Leaf Blew In.” A stand-out favorite among the children’s fall reading list was “An Apple A Day,” a large book by Melvin Berger they appreciated because of its size. The book is about two feet in length and nearly eleven inches wide.

Seeing how the children loved the book, Connie incorporated passages into classroom activities. After reading about apple blossoms, and how they eventually turn into the familiar, white-cored fruit, the class took a short walk to the apple tree that sits on the school’s grounds and practiced picking apples. This is an exercise they work on during their daily movement breaks.

For homework, they were instructed to bring in their favorite color apple to class for sharing. They tried each other’s apples and learned of the varieties and textures of the fruit. They also completed an activity book with all the colors they saw.

“We created this book, ‘I See Apples’, where we are incorporating our colors, waiting our turn, working on our fine motor skills by staying inside the lines, and if possible engaging with our peers and teachers,” shared Connie. “The most exciting part of all is they made their first book that they get to take home.”

These engaging activities speak to the core principles of preschool and special education which is learning through play. Activities like these create a story that keeps children engaged as while building several skills, from reading and writing to nutrition.

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