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Staff Spotlight: Direct Support Professional Shauntee Dunn Takes Pride in Helping Students Reach Their Goals

A photo of Shauntee Dunn with two of the children she works withShauntee Dunn is not new to the disability care services field. She gained two years’ experience working with another agency before starting as a Direct Support Professional with the Children’s Residential Program (CRP) in October 2021.

On a typical day, Shauntee’s day is filled with a routine that carefully balances structure and lives of adolescent children. Shauntee begins by having the children get ready for school. After school, she makes sure they have their snack and are ready for after-school activities. Later, she makes sure each child has their dinner, showers, and takes any medications before heading to bed. However, this routine can vary greatly based on the children’s needs.

In 2023 she was awarded DSP of The Year and is frequently acknowledged by parents for her dedication as a professional.

“One of my favorite experiences here was when we had dinner with the parents, and they spoke on the work that I was doing. It felt good to be acknowledged for working with the children. I also love going out with them and seeing their smiles,” said Shauntee.

For parents who have children with autism, her advice is to not be afraid to reinforce the independence goals they have for their child.

“Many times, I see parents doing things they want the children to do for themselves. They are very capable and should be encouraged to do things. If you want them to clear the table, or load the dishwasher, tell them. They will surprise you,” said Shauntee.

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