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Students From Lynbrook Senior High School & the Children’s Education Center Bond Over Arts and Crafts

A Lynbrook High School student talks to BCCS staffThe connections within our community can grow but also change. John Spector is the Guidance Counselor at Lynbrook High School, but began his career as a BCCS Teacher’s Assistant. Brookville Center made a lasting impression on John―so much so―that 10 years ago he started an event connecting Lynbrook High School students with BCCS students.

This December, Sociology students from Lynbrook Senior High School visited the Children’s Education Center in Brookville to connect with the students and complete arts-and-crafts projects. The students were accompanied by John and Lynbrook High School Sociology teacher Koren Spinella. The day was a learning experience for everyone.Lynbrook High School students do arts and crafts with BCCS students For some Lynbrook students, it was even their first time meeting students who use devices to communicate.

“It’s an unbelievable experience watching the kids interact,” said John. “It also introduces them to careers in special education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. It’s another way to get high school kids more exposure.”

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