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The Barbara C. Wilson School Re-Vamps Their DEI Rock Garden

The BCCS Barbara C. Wilson (BCW) School is collecting over 100 decorative rocks from parents, students, and staff to renew their rock garden displayed around the school’s entrance. The garden was started in 2019 as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) exercise proposed by the school’s DEI committee.Teachers and a student add a stone to the DEI Rock Garden

The school wanted to create a unique and fun activity that allowed the BCW community to recognize their similarities and differences in a positive way, fostering an accepting environment for diverse learners.

At the start of the school year the school’s curriculum department announced to families and staff that they were accepting new rocks to refresh the garden while maintaining its theme, “One person can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world.”

“We want to highlight each families’ uniqueness and celebrate each individual child in our program. Each family’s rock serves as a marker of their children’s preschool journey,” shared BCW Director Diane M. Condy.

So far, the school has received over 50 new rocks decorated with handprints, lady bugs and bears. Some of which contained words affirmation, “love,” “believe,” and “you are unique.”

“These affirmation phrases are powerful to students at such a young age. It helps them build self-esteem, establish self-worth, and reminds them to remain optimistic when facing adversity,” said agency DEI Officer Sarah Gonzalez Noveiri, Ph.D.

The revamped garden’s unveiling is set for late fall after the rocks are cured with a waterproof barrier and a new sign is placed.

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