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Water Play Days at Post Avenue School

Summer classes are in full swing across BCCS campuses. The schools’ summer sessions began July 3 and run until August 11. The six-week session is filled with learning, incorporating a wide range of fun and healthy recreational activities. Summer programming enables students to learn while still enjoying the play, fun and friends, which are the hallmarks of summer. Post Avenue School administrators included water play days on A student enjoys water play this summer Tuesdays and Thursdays. For this activity, students come to school with their bathing suits, sun protection and water shoes ready to enjoy some time outdoors. Water play incorporates the use of water play tables, spray bottles and outdoor toys. With these tools, students can use their imagination, run, and play while keeping cool on hot summer days.

A fundamental aspect of preschool is learning through play, and bridging classroom learning to activities done at home. Post Avenue’s Speech Department prepares weekly worksheets with water activities that parents can do at home and incorporate speech and language concepts into play.

Speech Pathologist Jeanette Perucca explains, “While parents play these games, they promote speech and language skills when children follow directions, practice speech sounds, and reinforce concepts like warm versus cold and on and off.”

The Speech Department also shared an article with tips and tricks to help students keep cool all summer long including making sponge necklaces and setting up a DIY kiddie car wash.

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