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Behind the Scenes at Post Avenue: How Parent Trainings Come Together

The partnership between parents and school staff ensures that the successes in the classroom continue in the home, and vice versa.

Parent Trainings GraphicAll Brookville schools have robust parent resources available through workshops, support groups and individual parent trainings.

How do these trainings come together?

At Post Avenue School, keeping material fresh and relevant comes back to regular communication with parents.

“We polled parents to learn what information they were looking for, and had open forums so that they could lead the discussions and inform presentations,” said Sheri Dvorak, Post Avenue Curriculum Coordinator.

School Social Worker Elionora “Nora” Silbersack, has monthly virtual workshops covering the school year and leads a virtual parent support group. She’s been with Brookville programs since 2015 and is in tune with parents’ needs.

“The group sessions offer mutual supports and are parent-driven. They appreciate hearing from other parents in their shoes. They share resources and notes on strategies, it makes their day-to-day life more manageable,” said Nora.

So far trainings have covered topics addressing positive behavior supports, nutrition, toilet training and sibling supports.

“The ‘Healthy Nutrition for your Picky Eater’ presentation was the one that most families went to this year so far. It was presented by Long Island University (LIU) student dieticians,” added Sheri.

For general information about support programs, Post Avenue parents are encouraged to contact Sheri Dvorak at (516) 326-5800.

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