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Visit Our Advocacy Center to Stay Informed on The Issues That Impact BCCS

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Our teaching and clinical staff go above and beyond to create meaningful educational experiences that target students individual and specific needs. Like the children in Ms. Stephanie’s class who enjoyed a curated out-of-this-world sensory space lesson to introducing them to the wonders of our universe. These sensory activities are essential to boosting a child’s development—encouraging cognitive processing, and soothing anxieties to keep students engaged. Two BCCS students learn about planets

Learn more about our special education staff and the multi-sensory activities they organize that lead to classroom success.

Our services include early intervention as well as 4410 and 853 special education preschool and school-aged programs. Currently Governor Hochul’s proposed budget fails to adequately address critical funding gaps that have a direct impact on our students.

Advocate for BCCS students by calling for legislators to:

  • Include an 11% Rate Reimbursement Increase for Early Intervention (EI) Services. According to Agencies for Children’s Therapy Services (ACTS), “rates have not changed except for one minor increase in the last 29 years (and even that increase excluded evaluations and special education teachers!).” Gov. Hochul’s proposed 5% for EI is insufficient.
  • Provide annual growth of 4.3% for 4410 and 853 schools, as recommended by New York State Regents to support the recruitment and retention of staff and cover inflationary costs.*As proposed by the Inter Agency Council.

Share your support with state legislators with one click.

Photo of Marjorie GuerrierNow is The Time to Call on Representatives to Support a 3.2% COLA for Disability Care Providers

The children in our CRP are supported by thoughtful and caring Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who help them in every aspect of their lives.

Meet Marjorie Guerrier, who’s been in our program since 2017. Now as a Medical DSP, she oversees medications and appointments for all the children in her residence, a role she is proud to fulfill.

Send a letter to state representatives today to support professionals like Marjorie with a 3.2% COLA and DSWA.


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